W kawiarni ☕

Przeczytaj dialog i dowiedz się jakie są najpopularniejsze zwroty, które można wykorzystać podczas składania zamówienia. ⤵️

A: Hello. What can I get you?
B: Hi. Let me think… I’ll have a latte.
A: What size would you like? Regular, medium or large?
B: Medium, please.
A: Would you like skimmed milk?
B: Whole milk will be fine.
A: Any particular flavour such as hazelnut, vanilla or peppermint?
B: No, thanks.
A: For here or to go?
B: To take away, please. How much is it?
A: That’s £10 in total, please.
B: Here you are.
A: Thank you. You can pick up your order over there.
B: Great. Have a nice day.
A: Bye.